Welcome to Torn and Fallen

Torn and Fallen is the online home of me, Libby. I'm a former fanfiction author, beta, and general Twilight junkie.

If you found your way to my blog, then there's a chance you know me from the Twilight fanfiction community as CrimsonIceGoddess.

This site contains my personal thoughts, stories, banners, and anything else I feel like adding because I'm bored. I hope you enjoy your visit.

About CIG

Oh Hi, my name is CrimsonIceGoddess, or Libby. I am a graphic artist, web designer and aspiring writer.

I have a love/hate relationship with Twilight. I loved Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I HATE Breaking Dawn. The whole "little nudger" thing makes me sick to my stomach and the first time I read the book, I wanted to hunt Stephenie Meyer down and slap her. How she could end her series with a dreck book like that is beyond me.

I hate myself for loving Twilight. It's one thing I can't get past. I recognize the story for what it is: poorly written, a total Mary Sue, a story about an abusive relationship; but with all those things, I still love it. That said, I would never let my daughter read the story. It's just not a good story. I mean someone really needs to help Bella in New Moon, but no one seems to even care that she's seriously disturbed. Her pining for Edward is pathetic and, frankly, scary. The whole "I'd rather die than be without you" is downright terrifying and if my daughter said that, I'd take to a shrink immediately.

That said, Twilight is a guilty pleasure. We all have them, so I don't feel that bad about it.

Now, about this blog.

Initially, this blog was created to host my stories and graphics and keep in touch with the Twilight fandom, however, since I've left the fandom, and I simply can't bring myself to just up and delete the blog, I've decided to change it up and just make it a general blog. Yes, my stories will still be hosted on here, as well as my graphics, but other things will be posted here as well. I hope you still enjoy your visit with me.