Welcome to Torn and Fallen

Torn and Fallen is the online home of me, Libby. I'm a former fanfiction author, beta, and general Twilight junkie.

If you found your way to my blog, then there's a chance you know me from the Twilight fanfiction community as CrimsonIceGoddess.

This site contains my personal thoughts, stories, banners, and anything else I feel like adding because I'm bored. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Below are the various story graphics I've made since I joined the Twilight community. I am no longer taking requests for banners or blinkies at this time, sorry.

As many of you may or may not know, I'm a graphic artist. On several occasions, I've been asked to make a banner for a story. Those banners can now be seen right here. To view the actual banner, click on the link.

*Note: This page will be updated each time I create a new banner.*

Personal Request Banners

These are banners I've made not only for myself but that have been requested either via email or by form submission.
The Twilight Awards: Winter Banner Giveaway

During the holiday season, The Twilight Awards had a promotion going on called The Winter Banner Giveaway. The premise was simple. Authors would enter their names and stories for a chance at having a banner made for them. As part of the graphics team at The Twilight Awards, I was one of the ones that made the banners. Below are the ones I made. My computer crapped out on me during the event, so I wasn't able to make more than these.
The Twilight Awards: Under The Radar

As a part of TTA's graphics team, I'm occassionally asked to create a banner for the Under The Radar feature. Usually, if the story has a banner, we'll use that when we post it to the Under The Radar section. However, we've had stories come through that don't have a banner, in which case, I'll step up and make one. These are the banners I've made for that.
Freedom Fanfiction Writers: Alpha/Beta Banners

I'm a member of the AB Banners group over at Freedom Fanfiction Writers. As such, I fill banners requests for FFFW members. I have just recently begun working with this group, but I can't wait to see how things work out.


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